[NTT088] SUBSKAN - ISOLA EMPHASIS sci-fi / experimental / filmic
  download download .zip (320k VBR MP3 / 133MB / archive.org)
download (24bit FLAC / Bandcamp)
Subskan @ Soundcloud / Subskan @ Bandcamp / Subskan @ FB

Previously seen here on Entity on the Vortex compilation and 7E Phalanx, and a resonant artist in the by now legendary Hymen stable. Within this album Subskan explores a highly imaginative world that brings to mind images of future cities and dark neon-lit passages. A big focus on story and enticing ephemeral analogue fragments make this an album that will have you returning to it.

[NTT087] DEATH QUALIA - DEATH USURER flashcore / experimental
  download download .zip (24bit FLAC / 383MB / archive.org)
download download .zip (320k VBR MP3 / 45MB / archive.org)
Death Qualia @ Soundcloud / Death Qualia @ FB

The finest cloth for your eternal rave retirement home.

  download download .zip (24bit FLAC / 495MB / archive.org)
download download .zip (320k VBR MP3 / 96MB / archive.org)
Jamie Sturrock / Suttleinmeta @ Soundcloud

Suttleinmeta is a project from Bristol/UK based artist Jamie Sturrock. His album "Portal Formations For Mystery Tribes" conveys fusing cycles of evolving layers, subliminal ambiences and an appreciation for techno, noise and avant-garde electronic music.

[NTT085] SATANOID - ASTRONOMICAL DISEASE extratone / flashcore hybrid
  download download .zip (92MB / VBR MP3 / archive.org)
Satanoid @ Soundcloud

Satanoid - an audio project by Finland's Sami Kekkonen - investigates the borders of what could be considered extreme sonic decimation.
Listening to his album Astronomical Disease, you will find out that, despite the seemingly persistent illusion that today's abundance of electronic music continually collides into a mode of endless reiteration, there is still room for refreshing experiments.

[NTT084] KASCHADE - PERFORMANCE dark instrumental jazz escapade
  download download .zip (123MB / VBR MP3 / archive.org)
Kaschade @ Soundcloud / Kaschade @ Bandcamp

In a dark corner in Krefeld (Germany) lives Kaschade, a producer of dark ambience and also avantgarde jazz, modern classical instrumentalist.
The Kaschade alias envelops Alexander's passion for music, creating live saxophone or piano atmospheres while employing a range of effects and synths to improvise in a sparse yet spacious, filmic environment.

  download download .zip (249MB / FLAC / archive.org)
Aethereal Arthropod @ Soundcloud / Aethereal Arthropod @ Bandcamp

Once in a good while, something completely original, a thing that defies conventional genre itself, falls into our laps - making it a great pleasure to present to you Nestor Peixoto Aballe's latest outing as Aethereal Arthropod.
"Hydra's Amaranthine Invigoration" will immerse you into a hyperverse of deeply evolved aural semantics.

[NTT082][NETNARC04] ANNWN - SONDATION granular experiments
  download download .zip (150MB / FLAC / archive.org)
Annwn @ Soundcloud / Anti-Narcose

As an antidote for the cold days, Anti-Narcose and Entity teamed up for this special co-release.
Annwn - Dutch-born, Bangkok-based sounddesigner who also manages the Anti-Narcose semi-netlabel - intrudes your senses in the most beautiful of incoherent ways.

[NTT081] LES NEIGES NOIRES DE LAPONIE - ICE STRENGTH atmospheric abstractcore
  download download .zip (44.6MB / VBR MP3 / archive.org)
LNNDL @ Soundcloud

After another hiatus this futuristic space emission by LNNDL aka Alexandre Casademunt is beyond overdue. A perfect glitchy abstractcore setting for your everyday zoning sessions. Great sound design, perplexing atmospheres from start to finish. You just might want to check this out.

[NTT080] TAINNOS - VERSOA ambient
  download download .zip (358MB / 24bit FLAC / archive.org)
download download .zip (58MB / VBR MP3 / archive.org)
Tainnos @ Soundcloud

A short but strong collection of ambient in its sincerest form by Henkka Kyll霵en aka Tainnos.

  download download .zip (138MB / 320k mp3 / archive.org)
download download .zip (326MB / FLAC / archive.org)
Orgatanatos @ Soundcloud

Hailing from Tashkent/Uzbekistan is Orgatanatos, a duo of electronic wizards (Nikita Iksanov and Ilya Lyubkin) who offer a marvellous album that got perfected over the 4 years it has been in the making.
Successfully combining ambient, glitch and idm forms, the tracklist on "Chrome Reflections" should have you properly mesmerized.

[NTT078] 6SISS - IN PALLID NIGHTS cold, cinematic idm/dubscapes
  download download .zip (74MB / 320k mp3 / archive.org)
6SISS @ Soundcloud

Originating from within the Belgian borders, the name 6SISS - an alias taken on by Peter Adriaenssens - is rapidly making its way to a more international audience... and rightfully so.
Having witnessed several of his live performances I think it's safe to say that 6SISS' music envelops a wide array of influences, ranging from intricate IDM, dub, techno and downtempo work to ominous and spacious sound scapes... but it's the consequent focus on handcrafted sounds that sets his works apart.
[NTT077] METEK - DETHRONE YOURSELF dark drones & manipulated field recs
  download download .zip (49MB / VBR mp3 / archive.org)
download download .zip (167MB / FLAC / archive.org)
METEK @ Soundcloud

Dethrone Yourself is Fredrik Nilsson aka METEK's debut EP on Entity. In a single, 28 minutes long track, he explores those areas where the mind does not usually dare to tread.
A journey into ego-dissolution and disquieting places. Losing yourself to discover who or what you are.

[NTT076] ERRATIC - PRECIPICE improv noisebient
  download download .zip (65MB / VBR mp3 / archive.org)
download download .zip (453MB / 24bit FLAC / archive.org)
Erratic @ Entity / Erratic @ Soundcloud

A collection of digital improv noises mixed into one.
File under: audioporn, noisebient, thingsthatneverhappened.

[NTT075][CC001] CYBERCITY flashcore
  download download or order the CD-R @ CyberCity Bandcamp
CyberCity (official website)

Co-released with CyberCity, the latest Entity offspring which is curated by Kim Blomme aka Alien8.
Check out the site, get the compilation, and generally find your way to CyberCity.

[NTT074] 架d] - ARRAY OF DETRITUS abstract electroacoustic glitch
  download download .zip (45MB / archive.org)
架d] @ Soundcloud / 架d]'s Wordpress

架d] aka Darien Brito is an electroacoustic composer and audio/visual artist based in The Hague, Netherlands. From the very start of this EP, it's obvious that Darien masters and executes a unique sonic vision to excellent detail. Balancing personal expression with more universal soundscapes and peculiar hand-crafted noises, "Array of Detritus" is an honest, beautiful, dark and compelling place to reside.
[NTT073] REKOMBINACJE - SOCZEWKI GRAWITACYJNE dark deep space abstractions
  download download .zip (47MB / archive.org)
Rekombinacje @ Bandcamp / Rekombinacje @ Soundcloud

Hailing from Poland, mister Marian Marianski brings us his version of a "Gravitational Lens", a deep-scope reflection on galaxy clusters far beyond our current reach. Sonically dense and meticulously controlled, spacious atmospheres interweave with sharp glitches and sub-ranged feedback echoes. A subtle yet wide spectrum of sonic entities is revealed. A welcome addition to the family.
[NTT072] XE PHALANX - REVELATION ambient space drones



download download .zip (165MB / archive.org)
XE Phalanx

Revelation describes a journey into the great void, peering into the deepest corners of mind, while non-simultaneously gazing at the breathtaking scenery that our reality is fabricated of.
A collective vision of ambient space drones. The Void talking back to us.




download download .zip (39MB / archive.org)
Les Neiges Noires De Laponie @ Soundcloud

Former Angstprod Netlabel curator Alexandre Casademunt dives into harsh sonic explosions with his latest LNNDL ep.
Quite possibly one of the only fitting soundtracks to today's supposed "end of the world", Thunder Ohm intends to submerge the listener in a forceful current of spacial bleeps and turbulent noise.

  download download .zip (121MB / archive.org)
Bogdan Dullsky / Cisfinitum / Idle Sunder / Anzhel Hutopia

Interference is an exploratory descent into the darker, more mysterious corners of the mind by means of processed instrumentals, field recordings and synthetically generated ambience.
Like a puzzle, it incorporates fragments of recordings, such as the magnificent contrabass/flute improvisation by Ilia Saveliev and Bogdan Dullsky, Idle Sunder's "fieldscape" experiments, Cisfinitum's marvelous drones with enchanting vocals by Anzhel Hutopia, and more, *much* more!
[NTT069] DIFFUSED BEATS - A LONG WAY ROUND rhythmic and ambient field recordings collage
  download download .zip (65MB / archive.org)
Konrad Bayer / Sound Reasons

diFfuSed beats is a duo comprised of Ish Shehrawat (Delhi) and Konrad Bayer (Munich). They engage with sound as a philosophical and social reverberant and not just as an aesthetic object.
Sound is the main element in their works and they use it with an expressionist angle to reflect on the times we live in. diFfuSed beats draw an acoustic portrait of the imagined by means of contemporary electro-acoustic music (field recordings, sampling, sequencing, cut-up etc.).
[NTT068] N.NENOV and TIM BALLISTA - INHERENT SPLIT blood dripping dark ambient
  download download .zip (69MB / archive.org)
Tim Ballista's label / N.Nenov's Behance

Tim Ballista (curator of the Abstract Reflexions netlabel) and Nick Nenov (known especially for his (audio-)visual gems, such as NTT063) collaborated on "Inherent Split" - a dark looming ambient ep that has its basis in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) imagery of blood cells.
Using an array of spectral transformation techniques, curious sound textures emerged, offering a unique perspective into the biological realm.

[NTT067] SEDARKA - ARCHIVE wave spectrum HACKED! error.
  download download .zip (58MB / archive.org)
Sedarka's Soundcloud

It's been too long since we've heard anything that could remotely resemble "Shibashi Todomen" (2004). Suffice it to say that Belgium-based Gommaar Delneste has not too often engaged in similar sonic activities in recent years. However, as one might imagine, plenty of unheard jewels were still left afloat on his HDD.

[NTT066] HAZCAUCH - FITZHUGH hard hitting atmospheric electronics
  download download .zip (42MB / archive.org)
Hazcauch's website

Back in Japan, and this time we meet with programmer / sounddesigner Hideki Masatani aka Hazcauch! His Fitzhugh ep features 4 tracks that wage a battle between heavy electronic percussion, lush ambient scapes and raw, destructive glitch effects.

[NTT065] RACHMIEL - VORTEX ENGINE grooved and twisted electronica
  download download .zip (67MB / archive.org)
rachMiel's website

Vortex Engine is a set of 10 works of complex post-IDM that explores musical extremes: sparse/dense, random/ordered, dissonant/consonant, melodic/noise-driven, chaotic/grooved, ridiculous/sublime. The sensibility of post-Webernian Euro avant garde (Stockhausen, Xenakis, Boulez, et al) enfolded into the world of electronica. Vortex Engine is not easy-listening music. It is challenging, boundary-pushing, even at times disturbing.

[NTT064] RYUKAU - SELECTED ROOMS harsh noise and ambient scapes
  download download .zip (53MB / archive.org)
Ryukau website - Ryukau on Bandcamp - Ryukau on Soundcloud

For the 64th release, we'd like to present Takamitsu Endo's RYUKAU project.
"Selected Rooms" is an aural treat that breaks into the extremes of noisy and glitchy sound art, one of those things the Japanese seem to have a knack for. After all these years a release like this is long overdue on Entity. Play it loud and brace yourself!!
Huge thanks to Nick Nenov for providing another stunning piece of cover art.

[NTT063] N. NENOV - COSC short, HD organic 3D audiovisual




download download .zip (190MB / archive.org / .flv video, play with VLC Player)
download download .flv (190MB / scene.org / .flv video, play with VLC Player)
Nick Nenov on Vimeo - Nick Nenov on Behance Network

Nick Nenov is responsible for this shortest, yet arguably most dense release in the history of Entity.
With Cosc, he proves a lot of positive things that you COULD experience by clicking on the Youtube link below. However I would urge you to NOT ruin it in advance, and download the high quality version so you can sit back and dive in with style.
[NTT062] FOUL SHAPE - FLOATING EYE SYNDROME mutating organic rhythms
  download download .zip (38MB / archive.org)
Johnathan Dean on SoundCloud

Not only do I owe mister Jonathan Dean (aka NTT048's Otets Dekan) my sincerest apologies for making him wait over a year to finally put his deliciously organic sounding ep out to the public... I also need to thank him for letting me throw in a more recent bonus track for good measure.
Floating Eye Syndrome is easily his most remarkable work to date and something that should easily please your ears for hours on end.

[NTT061] TAKESHI NAKAMURA - MUSIC FOR 14 YEARS OLD mutated sines, minimal percussion,
gapped voices




download download .zip (67MB / archive.org)
Takeshi Nakamura on Soundcloud

Takeshi Nakamura is back with his latest ep called "Music For 14 Years Old", and the result is quite an unexpected one, portraying a blend of cold electronic glitch as well as warmer influences that add a more accessible quality to his style.

[NTT060] .AT/ON + V4W.ENKO - PACK minimalistic ambient/glitch + audiovisuals
download download album .zip (48MB / archive.org)
download download audiovisuals .zip (218MB / scene.org)
aiuto - v4w.enko - .at/on

Pack is a very fine tuned atmospheric minimal glitch collaboration by Ukrainian artists .at/on and v4w.enko.
This release also includes a number of audio visuals by v4w.enko and aiuto, which puts the music in the context of smooth colorful glitch designs, combining hardware sound with max/msp signal processing.

[NTT059] IDLE SUNDER - PSYGNOSIS II surreal abstractions, textured fieldrec scapes
download download .zip (88MB / archive.org)
Idle Sunder - Bogdan Dullsky

Idle Sunder and Bogdan Dullsky return once again, with the closing chapter of their Psygnosis series (give or take some anachronisms). The whole thing now spans over 2,5hours, and covers an extensive glimpse into some of the most bizarre and outworldly soundworlds. Not to be missed.

[NTT058] HERD - TANGENTS 32 - 39 dark, spacious abstractions
download download .zip (88MB / archive.org)
Herd on Myspace

Herd is Jason Thomson, who's located in Corby, England.
With his Tangents, his ongoing abstract ambient/space series, he has been featured on a diversity of radio shows such as Rob Booth's Electronic Explorations, Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental (BBC Radio1) and more recently, DiversityFM's MUSICBOX.

[NTT057] PLANETZOO - LIFE, THIS STRANGE DISCHARGE dark surreal/hyperreal abstractions




download download .zip (83MB / archive.org)
PlanetZoo - Zoogoo - Planet Aldol

PlanetZoo - the braindeadchild of arguably mentally deranged composers Samuel Glazer (Zoogoo) and Anthony Colas (Planet Aldol) - was not so long ago destined to release on Entity and (thankfully) have yet again put everything aside to work on the continuation of what is already becoming a compendium of hyperrealistic yet surreal and psychedelic auditory sceneries.

[NTT056] ANTANAS JASENKA - METAL ALLOY smooth, detailed sound sculptures
download download .zip (85MB / archive.org)
Antanas Jasenka - Antanas Jasenka on Myspace

Antanas Jasenka is a longtime composer in the field of experimental electronica. After his Sonic Machine (NTT036), which got released on Entity 3 years ago, he has now put a new work at your disposal. The evolution in both sound and atmosphere is blatantly obvious, and i think it's fair to say that Antanas has really outdone himself this time.

[NTT055] IDLE SUNDER - PSYGNOSIS III infinite, deep ambient/drone textures
download download .zip (79MB / archive.org)
Idle Sunder - Bogdan Dullsky

The third chapter in the Psygnosis series is bound to draw you in its glorious, surreal journey from start to finish.
Bogdan Dullsky, who has worked with Idle Sunder on the whole Psygnosis trilogy has sent me an email about his views and experiences concerning the collaboration.

[NTT054] SCENE - WATER MESSAGE serene, brainwave ambient/drone



download download .zip (28MB / archive.org)
Scene - Scene on Myspace

Hailing from Italy is Fabrizio Greco, aka Scene, who is a sound engineer and composer. Aside from working on his psytrance or multimedia projects, his Scene project is one that delves into ambient soundscaping.
For the short ep "Water Message", Scene has subtly implemented brainwave techniques (tuned to Theta frequencies) to add to the serene tones and relaxing drones.
[NTT053] DISASTRATO - TRES TEXTUAL "humble mumble audiobooks"
download download .zip (48MB / archive.org)

Something entirely novel comes from experimental and conceptual artist disastrato.
"Très Textual" is a collection of very diverse origins, being improvised, collected and recorded all over Europe over the past 9 years.

[NTT052] FP - CENDRES deep droning theater piece outtake



download download .zip (28MB / archive.org)
Fabrice Planquette

In a style somewhat reminiscent of the Acta release (NTT006, that's 2003), Fabrice Planquette (responsible for projects such as fp, elt.act, acta, a.s., ...) brings us one of his soundworks that has its origins in theater.
From director Yan Allegret's 60+ minutes play "La Plénitude des Cendres" comes fp's sonic distillation, leaving hints of the performance and an entirety of deep droning guitar noises.
[NTT051] BARBARIX - LUCIFER'S HAPPY HUNTING GROUND dark atmospheric idm/abstract
download download .zip (50MB / archive.org)
Barbarix on Myspace

Bromsgrove/UK brings us Steven Crompton, who has been producing as Barbarix for a considerable time, encompassing a multitude of electronic styles.
The rhythmic tracks on his first (!) ep contain some very subtle dub (greatly soothing underlying bass) and idm influences, while the more abstract scenes (such as the title track) present a dark world of supernatural impressions. All wrapped up with an ear for production and attention to detail.
[NTT050] VA - VORTEX sci-fi abstractions and glitchbeats compilation


download download .zip (150MB / archive.org)

With a strong focus on unique electronic sounddesign and structures, v/a - Vortex has turned into a solid collection of next level sonic wizardry.
All of the artists involved have dedicated an extremely respectable amount of time and effort to sculpt their submission until it was perfect.
Could it be possible that one reason for this has to do with the fact that v/a - Vortex was a compilation that simply needed to be made?

[NTT040] TETROID 2012 psychedelic Tetris clone + first ever Entity compilation.
In collaboration with Apocalypse Inc. GAME + MP3's!


download Tetroid 2012 (111MB) - entity.be (direct link)
download Tetroid 2012 (111MB) - scene.org (direct link)
download Tetroid 2012 (111MB) - archive.org (direct link)
download Tetroid 2012 (111MB) - download.com (site)
download Tetroid 2012 (111MB) - computerbild.de (site)
Tetroid 2012 (111MB) - chip.de (site)
download Tetroid 2012 (48MB version, lower quality sound) - entity.be (direct link)
download Tetroid 2012 (48MB version, lower quality sound) - scene.org (direct link)

*epilepsy warning due to intense light flashing!!*

  download download .zip (105MB / archive.org)
PlanetZoo - Zoogoo - Planet Aldol

Samuel Glaser (Zoogoo), who's based in Florida, and Anthony Colas (Planet Aldol) from France have been putting their energy in an intense journey through organic spectra, while still encompassing a wide range of emotions.
Tapping into the subconscious by exposing the listener to a constantly morphing world of living organisms is something PlanetZoo has gotten especially good at.

[NTT048] OTETS DEKAN - ENDLESSLY REGURGITATING PATTERN rhythmic organic dsp slimepits


download download .zip (72MB / archive.org)
Johnathan Dean on Soundcloud

The anachronic thought-wilderness that descends from Jonathan Dean's imagination has taken on a polymorphic form of its own and was found disguising itself in what had to become the newest Entity release.
Let Otets Dekan's techno-organic automata clutch you with their slimey amorphous tentacles, drag you into their vomiting pits of acid and perform their insectile indoctrination ritual. I assure you that you won't regret it ;)
download download .zip (43MB / archive.org)
Ronny Ragtroll on Entity / Ronny Ragtroll on Soundcloud

David Deschuyteneer (aka Ronny Ragtroll/Affective Disorder), a close friend and an exceptionally talented artist, excels in many forms of both graphical and sonic art.
With his "Greatest Clubhits From Beyond" he crawls back into the skin of Ronny Ragtroll, as he did a long time ago for his previous Entity release "[NTT012] Ronny Ragtroll - Smart Disable For All".
[NTT046] TAKESHI NAKAMURA - STRANGE ANIMALS experimental glitchconstructions


download download .zip (50MB / archive.org)
Takeshi Nakamura on Soundcloud

Takeshi Nakamura, who's been making quite the name for himself on various netlabels (Zymogen, Digital Biotope, Play-Code, ...), can certainly be relied upon should you be looking for avant-garde sonic investigations.

[NTT045] IDLE SUNDER - PSYGNOSIS I rhythmic digitized samples/instruments
download download .zip (67MB / archive.org)
Idle Sunder - Bogdan Dullsky

Having worked closely with Bogdan Dullsky (Quest.Room.Project - see NTT043) on this 1st album of the Psygnosis trilogy, Idle Sunder has transcended the space drone boundaries they were once confined to, to visit a universe of remarkably visual minimal rhythms and manipulated instruments/recordings.

[NTT044] ELIN - UNDERTONES rhythmic electro-organic


download download .zip (45MB / archive.org)

After her first effort for Entity in 2004 ([NTT009] Elín - Impressions), Elín
Anna Steinarsdóttir
is very welcome to return with some of her newer material.
In these 9 tracks we get to experience a concrete, dynamic environment that could've easily originated in some of Iceland's dense forests or parks.

[NTT043] QUEST.ROOM.PROJECT - ROOM NUMBER surreal experimental oddity


download download .zip (79MB / archive.org)
Bogdan Dullsky

Bogdan Dullsky (Q.R.P.) explores with "Room Number" in great depth the borders of abstraction and absurdity. He renders a world consisting of the strangest harmonics, dancing around a variety of instruments (such as flute and bass guitar) which he plays very proficiently.
Skillfully designed sounds are excessively displayed and the sheer number of them alone will never leave you bored.


download download .zip (66MB / archive.org)
Siegmar Fricke

Germany's Siegmar Fricke has been active in the electronic scene since the 80's. Along the road he has been responsible for projects such as Efficient Refineries (together with Miguel A. Ruiz) and several collaborations with Italian sound artists Maurizio Bianchi and Giancarlo Toniutti.

[NTT041] IDLE SUNDER - AETHER II abstract ambient glitchstreams


download download .zip (85MB / archive.org)
Idle Sunder

When Idle Sunder's full length Aether I sequel engages, boundaries of physical reality are metamorphically translated into a sound that goes beyond words. The sources used in this work are again plucked from space observatory archives, bringing with them a mindstretching stream of rich sonic character and dream-eliciting immersive potential. Be ready when the void breaks open and the blinding light reaches out to your "inner sanctum".
[NTT039] E.T.O. - WINTER CENTER transcendental ethnic instrumental sessions
download download .zip (64MB / archive.org)

E.T.O. (which stands for Experimental Tea Orchestra) is an ensemble originating from Izhevsk, Russia. Using a myriad of Asian/ethnic sounding instruments, and subtly influencing the resulting entrancing soundscapes through the use of some more modern technology, they manage to breathe interesting new life into a musical genre that had arguably been executed to death. None of what you might have heard however captures the essence quite like ETO.
[NTT038] 9E PHALANX - SILHOUETTE collaborative electro-acoustic abstractions
download download .zip (52MB / archive.org)
XE Phalanx

The XE Phalanx collective mind project strikes again. This time around, the combined forces of 9 iridescent minds have conceived 40 minutes of unique melodic, emotionally charged textures, cunningly derived from a vast range of self-recorded instruments. As usual, the parts flow seamlessly into eachother, co-creating a fascinating electro-acoustic experience through an awe-inspiring spectrum of curious emotions.


download download .zip (44MB / archive.org)
Casual Coincidence (SATKA/Sedarka) - Dotkraz (ps/Ubeboet) - Idle Sunder

"Rust" uses mystified drones, scattered field recordings and some more synthetic methods to travel a fine line in between drama and resolution. The result targets your innermost feelings and generally sets out to invoke an enfolding path of personal liberation.

[NTT036] ANTANAS JASENKA - SONIC MACHINE experimental sounddesign melting pot


download download .zip (93MB / archive.org)
Antanas Jasenka

Antanas Jasenka is a Lithuanian composer and sound artist who has been active in a plethora of musical purposes for over 20 years. "Sonic Machine" is a work that expands his sonic research concerning the Man and the Machine.
Antanas evokes a whole variety of different emotions through constant structural changes in sound and composition.

[NTT035] METRO_NM - SKAZKA surreal russian sounddesign fairytale
download download .zip (89MB / archive.org)

It's not the first time that Entity virtually dwells in the depths of Russia, and with good reason (CD-R, Cisfinitum, anyone?)! This Metro_NM release for instance, of which the first track was originally released on the Top-40.org netlabel, reminds us of the surreal scopes and depth that is seemingly prevalent in their experimental musical subculture.

[NTT034] AUTOPSY PROTOCOL - UMAMI twisted industrial hardcore (includes VIDEO)
download download .zip (58MB / archive.org)
Autopsy Protocol

From Barcelona comes Eduard Catafal Abril's project Autopsy Protocol, which was previously featured on the Lostfrog netlabel. In Umami he mixes violent extremes with a healthy dose of humor.
Elements of headsplicing industrial and hardcore are entangled in original b-movie and local village song samples.

[NTT033] BINRAY - CEDEROTH BLOODSTOPPER freestyle polymorphic alien braincore
download download .zip (63MB / archive.org)

Most welcome to the NTT catalogue is Bristol/UK's Binray, who delivers an intense melting pot of high standard electronic constructions. The tracks in "Cederoth Bloodstopper" blur the lines between sonic Lorenz attractors and freestyle alien beatings.

[NTT032] KAEBIN YIELD - POLYMORPHISM mutating tentacle beats
download download .zip (58MB / archive.org)
Kaebin Yield

Since Nico indefinitely left Entity and music production altogether, a re-emergence of his music, containing released and unreleased tracks with various remixes, might as well serve as a tribute release for this Entity co-founder.
There's no question about the complexity in the ep: every nanosecond of sound was surgically put into place in order to maximize the impact of a dazzling rhythmic spectacle.
[NTT031] IDLE SUNDER - AETHER I ethereal cryogenic objectscapes


download download .zip (86MB / archive.org)
Idle Sunder

In Aether I, the Idle Sunder group sets out to disassemble the physical reality that we all reside in. They meticulously melt together the raw sonic textures of energetic information that determines our universe with a mystical sense of humanity, as to translate to us petty humans the holistic greatness of existence.

[NTT030] CISFINITUM - MALGYL enigmatic emotional drones
download download .zip (71MB / archive.org)

Enigmatic, very emotional drone album from Cisfinitum, who finishes in this way his surreal "0 vs 0", "Landschaft [NTT024]" and "Malgyl" trilogy. Awesome, heartily recommended work.

[NTT029] SATKA - THE RECOMBINANT SIGN dislocated industrial warfare


download download .zip (63MB / archive.org)

It's no surprise that SATKA and Sedarka (see NTT021) have a common musical history as both these artists seem to be investigating the outer fringes of dark and deep industrial/breakcore/noise fusions.
SATKA's contribution to Entity turns your mind into a warzone of high energy obstructions.

[NTT028] HNS.DLY - MOUTHSCAPES #1 abstract dsp-oozing mouthscapes
download download .zip (47MB / archive.org)

A bit closer to home (Belgium), Hans De Ley creates some very unusual abstract soundscapes, using only his voice and a seemingly limitless arsenal of DSP algorithms. The result is more than just a monotone array of singing chimpansees, and proves that the voice's range can outperform many a synth.

[NTT027] DOTKRAZ - UNTITLED subconscious errorist glitchscapes
download download .zip (43MB / archive.org)
ps - m__

ps and m__ - the two hard working individuals behind the stellar Enough Records and Con-v - joined forces to create an intelligent melting pot of various musique concrete styles, which pretty much reflects the quality of their own brainchilds.

[NTT026] CD-R - ASPEKT / AUDIENCE / ASCENT improv guitar / field rec / broken synth experiments
download download .zip (69MB / archive.org)

Back to Russia, where Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) and Evgeny Novikov performed an impressive live session (13/03/05, Moscow), which formed the building blocks of this quite experimental album.

[NTT025] MATHIEU RUHLMANN - THE CALM OF THE SUNS ambient textures and subtle phonography
download download .zip (57MB / archive.org)
Mathieu Ruhlmann

In "The Calm of the Suns", Mathieu Ruhlmann (also known of labels such as Mystery Sea and S'Agita) gradually intrudes your perceptions using subtle and faintly recognisable recordings, while luring you into a dualistic mirage that's calm and haunting at the same time.

[NTT024] CISFINITUM - LANDSCHAFT mindblowing deep violin drones
download download .zip (81MB / archive.org)

Russian composers E. Voronovsky (music, synths, tapes, drones) and A. Tzarev (sound construction and digital editing) are responsible for our 24th release, which has been previously released as CDR on the Insofar Vapour Bulk catalog in 2000. Regardless we are very proud to make this material available to you, as its content is utterly timeless.

[NTT023] YANNIS KYRIAKIDES - HIGHLY COLOURED PLACES exotic manipulated recordings
vs minimal electronics
download download .zip (95MB / archive.org)
Yannis Kyriakides

Yannis Kyriakides, who is also the mind behind the electro-acoustically oriented "Unsounds" label, delivered us his full-length "Highly Coloured Places" album which was crafted with an astonishing soundquality.
The abundance of precision and refined techniques makes one wonder about the time it must have taken to put these lengthy tracks together.

[NTT022] FP - FIUK & CSAJOK ultra-eclectic engaging rhythms/collages
download download .zip (71MB / archive.org)
Fabrice Planquette

Fabrice Planquette (fp), who has released a lot of his fantastic stuff on Entity since its conception (as element.act, acta, a.s. and in most XE Phalanx projects) and quite recently also on Enough Records (fp - Traces), has returned with another great 13 track album!
His newest work is again an example of perfect production and a variety of contrasting styles.
[NTT021] SEDARKA - SHIBASHI TODOMEN turbulent sci-fi glitchbeat extasy
download download .zip (43MB / archive.org)

Next up is Sedarka, soundconstructor extraordinaire from our very own Belgian soil. Having appeared on labels such as Divine Comedy and Mirex, at least some of you must have heard this phenomenon in action before.
If not, you're in for a nice surprise. The music of Sedarka is as unpredictable as it gets, tumbling from one cataclysmic collision into the next. Unidentified soundscapes support the countless arrhythmical bleeps and squeeks that sound like malfunctioning processing devices from the future.
[NTT020] BEATWIFE - VIRTUAL LOVE CELL chaotic hyperbeats (including VIDEO)
download download .zip (120MB / archive.org)

Beatwife is a unique collaboration between Mark Allan and Richard Wilson who tackle both live soundtweaking and visual performance on a technically highly-evolved level.
Virtual Love Cell features fast and constantly morphing beats, accompanied by interesting atmospherics and vocal outbursts!

[NTT019] BLAERG - INCESSANT SUBVERSIVE DECIBELS frantic breakbeat assault
download download .zip (29MB / archive.org)

It's time for rhythm, and we're sure a lot of you will be delighted to hear that Ohio-based Scott Wehman (BLÆRG) has come to enlighten us with a very fresh sounding ep, packed with frantically broken beats and persuasive melodies of all kinds. In this ep he established a quite ambivalent style, in which he plays out cleverly used vocal or instrumental samples against unpredictable rhythmic assaults.
[NTT018] ERRATIC - ACTIVATION FIELDS abstract swirling sound experiments
download download .zip (124MB / archive.org)

Our own staffmember Jan Robbe (Erratic/UndaCova) decided to release his albumlength of sonic adventures in space on Entity. His casual interest in the fields of astronomy and consciousness have driven him to the production of "Activation Fields". Expect a varied succession of short electronic experiments that will have you floating in between swirling abstract shapes and erratically changing landscapes.
[NTT017] TIRRIDDILIU + HACKERONTE - ELETTRA haunting mythic atmospheres
download download .zip (24MB / archive.org)
Tirriddiliu - Hackeronte

Continuing Entity's recent exploration in darker realms, Italy's Tirriddiliu and Hackeronte have teamed up to bring us their musical version of Sophocles' classic tragedy, Electra. In three movements they successfully depict the intense atmospheres that surround this epic tale of murder, hatred and vengeance.

[NTT016] TRANSCENDENT DEVICE - DEGREE ABSOLUTE minimal esotheric ritual ambient
download download .zip (23MB / archive.org)

Michael Todd aka Transcendent Device (or Marspiter on labels as Somnambulant and Foreshadow) brings us 4 deep droning fragments of nightmares. Covering mainly the lower ends of the soundspectrum, he keeps things simple but precise. With sparse though effective reverberated melodies, meshed in what could be percieved as ritualistic chanting, Transcendent Device paints a dark minimalist landscape of interesting outworldly textures.

[NTT015] 8E PHALANX - REVERY audiofilm
download download .zip (72MB / archive.org)
XE Phalanx

After being under construction for over 8 months, 8 artists from around the world have finally finished yet another XE Phalanx chapter, this time in a veritable David Lynch fashion.

[NTT014] SAY MY LOVEHOLE, HANGA GALLON - UNIVERSUMIX reverse tapedeck radio station from
download download .zip (43MB / archive.org)
No Xivic - Ceniq

In this release, you'll find Say My Lovehole (Sami Louhela/Ceniq) on the tapedeck and Hanga Gallon (Henkka Kyllönen/no Xivic) throwing an enormous diversity of samples at it. In a virtually random matter, they improvised "Universumix" on the spot - disregarding any common musical tendency. It resulted in what is arguably our most controversial release to date.

[NTT013] A.S. - 20040701 diverse electronic collaborations
download download .zip (39MB / archive.org)
Fabrice Planquette

Once again we are honoured with another one of Fabrice Planquette's projects. Having previously released on Entity as Element.Act and Acta (and multiple times as part of XE Phalanx), he's by far the most present artist on our label, and with good reason! The current project (A.S.) is the result of his collaborations with artists such as Repeater, Rym Hakiki, ***
and jsld.
[NTT012] RONNY RAGTROLL - SMART DISABLE FOR ALL complex weirdo idm beats
download download .zip (22MB / archive.org)
Ronny Ragtroll on Entity / Ronny Ragtroll on Soundcloud

And who do we have here? It's Ronny Ragtroll, who proves that there is something seriously wrong with the drinking water in Belgium. David has been
roaming electronic genres from the beginning of his musical journey, And this release will show you that strange things have happened since his ambient collab with UndaCova on Autoplate as "Affective Disorder".

[NTT011] CHANGO FEO - SIGNS OF THE UNSEEN elusive electroinc/acoustic live performance
download download .zip (48MB / archive.org)
Chango Feo

From Austin (TX) comes Chango Feo, who may already be known to you through his highly acclaimed "Alaska" release on Hive Records. Not as new, but by no means less intriguing, he offered us a collection of live recordings that had never seen daylight, until now!

[NTT010] PANDEMIA - VENUS URANIA ambient spacetexture journey
download download .zip (24MB / archive.org)
Hackeronte - Erratic

Pandemia is a very occasional cooperation between Hackeronte (who recently released his first work for Nishi) and Erratic (Entity).
This time the occasion was the transit of Venus, which occurs June 8th 2004 (for the first time since 1882).

[NTT009] ELIN - IMPRESSIONS improvised tweakrhythms along experimental guitar
download download .zip (39MB / archive.org)

Elín Anna Steinarsdóttir (Reykjavík, Iceland) was introduced to her father's analogue equipment at the early age of 6, and she quickly gained intuition for it. Raised in a family of musicians, she was since then determined to continue
the age-old tradition.

[NTT008] 7E PHALANX - PULSE complex transcompositional sci-fi beatstructures
download download .zip (20MB / archive.org)
XE Phalanx

XE Phalanx, a variable group of electronic musicians is back, this time featuring (alphabetically): element.act, Kaebin Yield, Subskan, Tirriddiliu, UndaCova, vteb/DiE and Xanopticon. Whereas the first XE Phalanx release was based on freefloating abstractions, "Pulse" explores the world of complex rhythms and beatprogramming in an intense 14 minute odyssey that builds up slowly from innocent spacey idm-like constructions to merciless experimental breakcore in 10 consecutive parts.
[NTT007] M__ - ILION minimal post-industrial glitchdrone
download download .zip (26MB / archive.org)

From Madrid we welcome m__, who offers us a very controlled 5-part post-digital tweaking session that has a surprisingly wide variety of carefully timed minimalistic interactions, that are sometimes rhythmic, and always very ambient coated.

[NTT006] ACTA - SOUS QUEL ORDRE deep manipulated guitardrone epic
download download .zip (31MB / archive.org)
Fabrice Planquette

After NTT002 - an 80 minutes long album called "..." by French mastermind element.act, you may have thought that you've seen the last of him for a while.Well forget that, there's more sides to this artist than you can imagine, and this release is another piece of the puzzle.

[NTT005] D.COMPOSE - ANALYSIS experimental alien glitchtechnomorphism
download download .zip (30MB / archive.org)

U.S. based Bret Truchan (d.compose) is an extremely talented experimental artist that shows how far dark electronics have evolved to this day. Detailed morphing soundtextures combined with a great sense of chaotic compositional subtlety bring the d.compose listening experience to a uniquely high level, as only fortunates that have heard his groundbreaking album "Seed" (out on Unmediated Productions) already know.
download download .zip (53MB / archive.org)
White Noise Stasis

Created as a solo project in '98 from the ashes of projects such as cLEAN and Synthetic Gods, ][en Michael (White Nois Stasis) articulates many styles, from ambient soundscaping to grinding ethereal industrial noize, and hybrids it with an atmosphere of madness, disgust, seclusion, and a glimmer of hope.

[NTT003] ELLENDE - SLEEPSOUP eternally illusive dronesoup
download download .zip (24MB / archive.org)

Serving as a soundtrack to Wim Bontjes' (deceased co-founder of the Ellende group) "Book of Illusion", Ellende's release on Entity is - much like their other netreleases (Ti Con Zero (No Type), Mini Madness (Fukkgod) and The Delegation From Nowhere (Tinnitus)) - a very thoughtful and conceptual piece of work which came to us in handmade mini-cdr packaging.

[NTT002] ELEMENT.ACT - ... soundtrackish captivating idm/electronica
download download .zip (130MB / archive.org)
Fabrice Planquette

Element.Act doesn't only manage 2 electronica record labels (Optimum & Centrum) but is also an experienced musician himself. Every one of the 16 tracks on "..." has flawless production and oozes in originality, while staying true to intriguing structures with densely timbred percussion, beautifully contrasted melodies, and occasional repeating and unusually addictive vocal samples.
[NTT001] 5E PHALANX - PRAGMATIC IMPULSE collective dark digital abstraction
download download .zip (31MB / archive.org)
XE Phalanx

Danny Kreutzfeldt, ps, Tirriddiliu, Kaebin Yield and UndaCova
put their heads together to make a stunning 21 minute abstract experimental piece by continuously passing tracks on to the next musician. The result is a very captivating listening experience and serves its right as the first ever of many more Entity Records releases.

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